Sunday, September 19, 2010

Press press press!

MJC is HOT on the PRESS.

Jugglers throw a party
IT might be an ancient skill but juggling is experiencing somewhat of a revival thanks to modern technology. The artistic director of the four-day Melbourne Juggling Convention Christian Parr (right) said juggling aficionados are learning new tricks off internet sites such as Youtube and Facebook. ''You just keep adding to your repertoire and then you want to learn new tricks.'' The convention drew more than 300 aspiring and accomplished jugglers from the age of six to in their 60s at Collingwood College yesterday. ''They are all here in the name of fun,'' Parr said.

JJJ interview with The Doctor

ABC Radio National - 774
Saturday Breakfast with Hilary Harper

Friday, September 3, 2010

Latest news update...

Exciting new developments for MJC 2010:
  • Stage in the small gym for the Couch Shows (Fri/Sun), Creative Edge Show (Sat), comes complete with colourful lights too!!!
  • Object Manipulation Research Lab, Saturday and Sunday!
  • Unique hand-printed passes for every participant.
  • Juggling Olympics banned! So we changed the name to Juggling Games instead (phew!)
  • Lentils serving meat dishes as well as veggies.
  • Look out for the fabulous hand-made bunting all over the place!
  • Environmentally friendly prizes for the Juggling Games
  • Act Devising Program - over 40 participants enrolled!
  • THREE bands playing at the not-so-secret after party on Monday night!
OH YEAH, get ready for the biggest bestest juggling event to date!