Saturday, October 2, 2010

Post event wrap up

Without a doubt MJC2010 was a massive hit!
Thank you to the guests that put in hours and hours of their energy to make it happen:
Adrian Kirk, Ben Bryant, Bob Carr and Kim Potter.
To Luth Wolff for stepping into the role of 2IC. Without you, it simply wouldn't work.
To the numerous volunteers behind the scenes making bunting, signage, passes, the lamination station and the hours spent during the event making everything happen. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING!
To the Public Show crew - Ele, Dan, James, Cian, Adam, Luth. What a stonking great show!
To all the fabulous participants for coming and supporting the event, attending & running workshops, clapping, shouting and laughing during the shows.
To the participants of the Act Devising Program. Whether or not you performed in the Creative Edge, your enthusiasm has meant that the ADP will be available as part of MJC2011!!! This is a huge development for MJC and the future!
Thanks also goes to Little Devils Recreation for their continued and most valued support.

As a result of the AGM on Monday 20th September, we now have a 20-strong team of people based around Melbourne, Australia and the world. With Christian in Tasmania, running the event will be absolutely possible now. Thank you to each of you who put your name down to be a part of MJC2011.

Lastly, be sure to check out the new video - Christian Parr (Artistic Director) interviewed on JJJ, plus photographic highlights.

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