Thursday, November 25, 2010

New documents for the bright future of MJC

Lots of work is being done to create strong foundations for the event into the future... here are some important guidelines we are putting into place:

Core Values:

Accessibility - Allow access to those who wish to experience all that MJC has to offer
Open - Operate with an open mind and be available for conversation, discussion, ideas or feedback
Connect - Foster connection within circus and the wider community on all levels
Honesty - Always speak the truth
Ethical - Treat others with the respect they deserve; treat others as you like to be treated yourself

Core Purpose:
Melbourne Juggling Convention is an annual event which aims to connect people with like minds and comparable interests within circus arts and physical theatre. Priding itself on broad accessibility, Melbourne Juggling Convention ensures that people of any age, background, ability and creed have access to and can benefit from all that the Convention offers. Through the common goal of learning, creating, experimenting and collaborating, the Convention inspires people to develop new skills for themselves, new connections with others and to hone their abilities within the world of performance. Through its assistance to individuals in developing their skills and connecting with peers, the Melbourne Juggling Convention also provides the broader arts sector with new artists and facilitators who have fresh ideas and a serious passion for working within the industry.

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